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Stylized Rocks

Decorate your environments with these stylized rocks for film and TV. Arnold material and displacement map included.

4k Textures

Max rock: 1.7 inches (4.33 cm)

Min rock: .1 inches (.25 cm)

BeautyShot_01 - Copy.jpg

Black Widow Spider Rig

Fully modeled, textured, and rigged Black Widow spider.


  • Maya file

  • Xgen grooming file and collections to import

  • Seven texture files include Base Color, Height, Metalness, Normal map, Roughness, Subsurface Scattering map, and Displacement map

  • Textured with 4K resolution for Arnold render

  • Grooming for small hairs included with Arnold hair textures

Fully rigged with FKIK switches, stretchy limbs with volume control, and bendy deformers.

Vert Count: 7871 Subdivided ready

BeautyShot_02 - Copy.jpg

Manikin Rig

Wooden manikin model. Seperate stand file included.

4K Textures.

Both manikin and stand fully rigged.


3D Sextant

Hi Resolution 3D Sextant model, fully rigged and animation ready.

  • Rigged moving pieces for Maya.

  • 4K Textures

8.14 inch height (9.5 cm), 8.6 inch width (21.85 cm), 3.75 inch tall (20.7 cm)

Includes Maya file and Textures

Textured for Arnold in Maya


Wolf Spider Rig

Fully rigged with auto-crawl controls and dynamic limbs. Modeled and rigged to scale.  IK/FK Legs with stretch and bendy options.  High and Low resolution mesh option.  Path controls with auto-crawl option

Feed smaller insects and keep in warm places


Animating Creature Walk Cycles in Maya

Throughout this workshop, you’ll learn the importance of importing a rig as a proxy and discover all the benefits of using the Reference Editor to keep your scene well organized. We will also covers the topics of baking, motion tracking, and animation layers to add all the other secondary levels of animation. The second portion of the workshop focuses on animating the walk cycle before the final chapter, which explains how to add the wings, neck, and head, for a convincing creature animation.


Animal Gaits Series

Animals walk weird... who knew?! This series of videos breaks down basic animal motion for anatomical or animation studies.

Download the whole series


Animated Cycles

Stock animated cycles of a man walking or running.

These are NOT tutorials.

Available in 24, 30, or 60 fps.

ZDepth included.

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